We ensure that you get the returns on investment made on us - Team WASTRA

  • Experience of working across the globe in countries such as Bahrain, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Oman, Vietnam, etc.
  • Team of garment factory consultants include apparel experts, industrial engineers, fashion technologists, MBAs, and finance experts
  • Successful execution of projects in factories ranging from 150 to 6,000 machines
  • Diverse product exposure covering basic products like shirts, trousers, made-ups, denims to special products including industrial wear, active wear, lingerie etc.
  • Demonstrated success of having implemented turnkey projects
  • Training programs at all levels
  • Adoption of global best practices in local context
  • Guaranteed minimum efficiency level of trained operators
  • Connect with machinery and technology providers
  • Connect with software suppliers
  • Running own garment operation training centres under various skill development schemes

Why do you need a Garment Factory Consultant?

First and foremost, a consultant brings multiple years of distinct expertise helping you accelerate your learning curve. The consultant also offers a fresh outlook to address chronic issues. Sometimes, the consultant can also be a substitute for full-time experts for short term projects. Consultants bring with themselves an expansive industry network which can be tapped by the clients. Lastly, and most importantly, the consultant can be the catalyst for the change that you are looking in your organization.

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