Engineered Garment Factory

Our Approach

Our approach to develop engineered garment factory rests on following 4 pillars:


  • Right Organogram
  • Training Programme for all levels
  • Incentive planning


  • Machinery Selection for all Departments
  • Choosing the Right Software
  • Automates and Work-aids selection


  • Building Architecture
  • Factory Layout Planning
  • Utility Planning


  • Department wise Sop design & implementation
  • Setting key support functions of QC, IE, training and MIS
  • Software system implementation

Key Features of Wastra Engineered Garment Factory
  • Man-to-Machine Ratio (MMR) of 2.0 or less
  • Individual operator efficiency of up to 40% within 6 weeks training
  • High performance layout saving approx. 20% space compared to conventional layout
  • Maximum usage of low cost automates and work-aids
  • 99% cut-to-ship ratio for standard products
  • Quick changeover for flexibility in product mix
  • Approx. 50% lower inventory by use of lean manufacturing tools
  • An effective MIS that captures right information at the right time for decision making
  • Fully compliant with Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) norms
  • Line efficiency of 55 to 60% within a year